2023 Conference Innovation Contest Submission Form

Calling all NATA visionaries! 

New to our Annual Conference, NATA is announcing our 2023 NATA Innovation Contest. This opportunity is designed to celebrate and elevate groundbreaking ideas in synagogue management and engagement!

We invite you to submit the most innovative and forward-thinking projects, initiatives, and activities you've implemented at your congregation in the past year.

Whether you've streamlined membership processes, optimized communication channels, crafted an out-of-the-box program, leveraged artificial intelligence, or enhanced financial management; this contest welcomes brilliant ideas from congregations of all sizes. 

Our Awards committee will choose one or more submissions to showcase during a session at our conference. One or more participants will be awarded the winner(s) of our 2023 NATA Innovation Contest. Ideas will be judged on originality, feasibility, and impact. 

Examples of submissions could be:

  • Implementing a new Social Media App for your congregation
  • Offering an innovative way of interacting with remote viewers during Shabbat Services
  • Crafting a new fundraising strategy
  • Utilizing your synagogue's building/facilities to increase revenue

Collaborate, learn, and grow alongside fellow synagogue executives who are equally passionate about transforming the way we engage with our congregations. Together, let's usher in a new era of creativity and efficiency in our sacred spaces.

We look forward to hearing about your inventive new work!

Benefits to winning this award:

  • Industry-wide recognition
  • Announcements/rights for you/your synagogue to promote and share
  • Opportunity to present at the 2023 NATA Annual Conference in Charlotte, NC in December 2023
  • Unlimited bragging rights

You must be a current NATA Member to apply. Submissions are due by Monday, October 16, 2023.

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Pleaase provide a comprehensive description of your innovation initiative including its purpose, features, and impact.

Please list any other collaborators that should be acknowledged in the creation of this initative. You do not necessarily need to include those that helped implement the project. 

Please outline any details about how this project came to fruition including resources and timelines. 

If yes, how did you overcome them? 

Who benefited from the implementation of this initiative?

Please feel free to attach any supporting documents, diagrams, graphics, or other relevant materials that further illustrate your initiative. 

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Please check the box to confirm that this submission is your own original work and does not infringe on any copyrights or intellectual property rights.