2024 Conference Scholarship Request Form

Before applying for a scholarship, please review NATA's scholarship policy below to confirm your eligibility to receive assistance and how much may be awarded.

Eligibility & Expectations

  • Only Regular members in good standing are eligible to apply.
  • Priority is given to first-time attendees and those in their first year of congregational service. 
  • Priority is also given to members associated with smaller congregations and fewer financial resources.
  • All scholarship recipients must cover the cost of travel to/from the event.
  • All scholarship recipients will be asked to volunteer for a shift at the information/check-in table at the conference.
  • Recipients will be asked to make every effort to integrate the cost of future conference attendance into their congregational budget.

Maximum Awards

  • Assistance may be requested up to 4 times.
  • The maximum number of requests are cumulative, not necessarily consecutive. 
  • Maximum funds to be approved for each application is based on the following schedule, but applicants are encouraged to ask only for what they need.
1st Request100% Registration Fee4 Hotel Nights
2nd Request75% Registration Fee3 Hotel Nights
3rd Request50% Registration Fee2 Hotel Nights
4th Request25% Registration Fee0 Hotel Nights


The scholarship committee will review all applications on a rolling basis as they are received. Applications will be accepted and reviewed until October 31st or until all scholarship funds are awarded, whichever comes first. If awarded, follow up instructions will be provided for registering for the event and reserving a room.

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About You

What year did you start working in the field of temple administration? (Not the number of years you have been working, but the actual calendar year you started your first position in the field.)

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About Your Temple

What is your congregation's annual budget?

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  • Submitting an application does not guarantee a scholarship award.
  • Scholarship recipients are responsible for covering their own cost of travel to/from the event. We encourage you to seek support from your rabbi's discretionary fund or other local resources. In the past, people have received donated airline miles or other support from members of their congregations as well.
  • If awarded a scholarship, I agree to sign up for a 1-hour shift at the check-in table when the volunteer forms are published.
  • I have read and understand these terms and conditions of receiving a conference scholarship.
About Your Scholarship Request