Why Join NATA?

NATA is an organization committed to the education and support of its members. Colleagues are available to help each other with advice, guidance and expertise at a moment's notice. NATA provides exceptional training for our membership with continuing educational opportunities, classes, conferences, and upcoming webinars. We also offer a joint certification program in which you can earn a Fellow in Temple Administration certificate.

Joining NATA is a positive step in the advancement of your career! If you are not a member please consider joining now, we would be happy to welcome you! For more information about membership contact our membership co-chairs, Judy Moseley, FTA or call her at (401) 331-6070, ext. 105 or contact Dianne Neiman at (301) 942-2000.  

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a current member of NATA, and wish to renew, please log into the Members Only section.

New Member Applications

1)  Download the current NATA Dues Chart.

2)  Next, apply at the appropriate membership type below:

REGULAR - click here to apply

Any person designated by the President of the person’s congregation of employment as (i) the Senior Operations Person OR is not the “Senior Operations” person but who is designated by the President and Executive Director of their congregation as having more than one operational function (as “operational function” is periodically defined by the NATA Board), (ii) who serves a URJ Congregation, and (iii) is compensated by their congregation.

AFFILIATE - click here to apply

Any person who is not the "Senior Operations" person, but who is designated by the President and Executive Director of the person’s congregation of employment as having one operational function, serves a URJ Congregation and is compensated by that congregation.

COURTESY - click here to apply

A professional whose employment or service is related to synagogue (church) administration or to the administration of a synagogue (church) related institution or to the teaching of synagogue (church) administration or the administration of communal agency and who does not meet the requirements under the other provisions for membership shall be eligible for and may become a Courtesy Member on the recommendation of the Membership Committee to the Executive Board.

JOB LISTINGS ONLY - click here to apply

Not a member of NATA? Are you interested in working in the field of temple management? If yes, then apply here to have access to the latest job listings for temple administrators and executive directors throughout the Nation. The fee of $103 covers 12 months of online access to the NATA Job listings.

NAASE Opt-In MEMBERSHIP - click here to apply
Current members of NAASE may request courtesy access to the resources of NATA as an extension of their NAASE membership.  Please complete the online form and submit the order for consideration.  All applications will be reviewed by both NATA and NAASE prior to activation.


For further questions, please contact:

NATA National Office
3060 El Cerrito Plaza #331
El Cerrito, CA  94530